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Product packaging is more than just a means to ship your product from point A to B - it is also an extremely valuable customer touchpoint that creates a bond with your consumers. In this digital age of "‪Instagrammable” moments, and quick easy unboxing video opportunities, your new or old products will breathe new life in fresh packaging. It is an incredible way to generate extra marketing mileage for your business and show your new and existing customers you know other products exist, but your brand goes the extra mile. Our New York City custom packaging company provides innovative packaging and design solutions for corporations, small businesses, retail establishments, advertising agencies, hospitality empires, and ultimately any business looking for a creative and highly professional product design and packaging solution. If you're a business owner and have been struggling with the current challenges of finding a quality, reliable resource for cost-effective packaging, then contact Proof7 today.

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How to Choose a New York City product box company

What products will you be packaging? As mentioned above, there are multiple types of packaging available. Some companies specialize in specific products like toys, clothes, electronics, and home cleaning products. While there is no need to hire a company that specializes in all of these items, it is helpful to find a company that is familiar with these types of products.

What sort of custom packaging services in New York City are you looking for...?

A packaging design company should be able to help you come up with an exact package and design based on the specific specifications of your business. Whether you are looking for a custom New York City product box for a high-end corporate product, or you are looking for a unique package and design for a small retail business, contact Proof7 regarding your ideas, and we will send you a proposal.

What materials are used by product packaging design companies in NYC?

When choosing a packaging company, it is important to find a company that can create custom products based on your specifications. This may include environmental concerns, quality or durability, most flexible size options, etc. The best product packaging companies are those who provide realistic options, hold to timelines, and manage expectations. We won’t promise that the sky is the limit but we will give you our best recommendation at the best price we can offer.

If you follow these steps when choosing a packaging company, then you will be well on your way to a successful and fruitful partnership with a professional New York City product box and packaging company like Proof7. For more information on how to choose a New York City product box company, contact a professional New York City product box company Proof 7 today.


How to choose from the product packaging companies near me?

Nearly all companies manufacturing products are concerned with making sure their products arrive damage-free to the customer. But packaging does much more than just protect your products. A package is one of the ways a client has indirect contact with your business in a psychological sense. Product packaging needs to match the emotional and value-perceived associations that your future and existing customers might have.

Considerations for the business that need packaging for products

Choosing a product packaging company can be a bit difficult because packaging designers and manufacturers all tend to work differently. Here are some factors you should take into consideration while choosing a product packaging company in New York City and beyond:

Know Your Product Packaging Budget

First, you should look at your budget, so you know how much you can allocate towards packaging. This is important because many businesses work with adjusted budgets, so they must find ways to make this work. Many product packaging companies like to sell in large quantities, which might be out of reach for smaller companies.

For you to find the right packaging company in New York City, it is crucial to find one offering low order minimums.

Where Will You Store Packaging You Have Purchased?

Storage or warehouse space is one of the limitations companies should consider. Even if your budget is enough for you to purchase the package you need, you must take a look at how much space is available at your storage/warehouse. Where will you keep it? This is crucial, mostly because of most companies like selling packages in bulk quantities.

This is another reason to choose a product packaging company that has available low order minimums.

The Material Quality Used By a Product Packaging Manufacturer

This is another crucial factor to consider. You should take a look at the package's material to make sure the product will be safe and delivered to the client undamaged. Please make sure the product packaging company in New York City you choose sources their packaging from high-quality providers.

For most customers, it is unpleasant to receive a product in cheap packaging, but this also depends on the kind of product you're selling. The package should at minimum provide protection to the product, but packaging is also a great way to reinforce the value of a brand.

It can also be a perceived benefit if a product packaging company uses environmentally-friendly resources.

Expect Quality Customer Service and Communication from a Custom Package Company

The product packaging company in New York City you choose should have a professional in charge of their customer service. The company must adjust to the needs of your business always. Shipping a microphone is not the same thing as shipping jewelry, so it's important for the person who's taking care of your order to ask all the questions to come up with the best plan for your necessities.


Find a Company that Offers Creative Product Packaging Ideas for Custom Packaging

This is an option that many people don't consider, mainly because it's a bit expensive. A custom package is about expanding your brand and taking your brand associations to the next level, but not many businesses use it due to perceived budget constraints. However, if this is what you're looking forward to, you need to make sure the company you choose is capable of providing creative custom packaging solutions.

This is one of the most defining factors for businesses. It adds many points to your image and makes your brand easy-to-recognize. If the product packaging company you currently work with does not offer custom packaging orders for any reason, you should find one that actually does.

Taking care of the factors mentioned above is essential, but it's also crucial to make sure you're working with someone you can trust. The ideal company should be able to provide all the necessary services and adjust their production to your needs. Keep in mind that as your company grows, changes will happen. The needs you have today won't be the same as the ones you'll have in five years.

The right packaging will keep your product protected until it is delivered to your client, and also, quality packaging says a lot about your company and will attract more customers in the future. If you would like more information about Proof7 and how we can help with your next project, then contact us today!

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