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We have decades of experience as a local print shop, publisher, and custom packaging creators. Our portfolio displays our quality of work and the brands who have trusted Proof7 with their projects. We know that making a decision on packaging is challenging, so we offer high quality packaging prototyping services. Request a quote for your next project!

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Product packaging is not just about using a simple container to pack your products, it also is an important part of your marketing strategy. It helps your business to better connect with your customers. It affects the way your brand is perceived by potential customers and how much value they unconciously associate with your products and brand. Attractive and durable packaging can help your brand gain recognition and also convert more sales.

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Brands these days look for custom packaging solutions for their businesses. That’s because they are well aware of its benefits. When you create a new product, you should also design the right packaging for it. Using the existing packaging of some other products will not bring you any profits.

When designing a new package, prototyping is an important process. It helps you to create the perfect packaging solutions for your business and products.

As a leading prototyping packaging provider, we have got the opportunity to work with different brands. Every brand has different requirements that they expect us to fulfill. We pay close attention to our clients so that we know what they want.

We aim to provide the perfect packaging solutions to our clients. Our capabilities go beyond your idea of a typical packaging company. We have the right equipment that helps us create unique prototype packaging even in the starting stages of production. We can create any type of prototype packaging design you want us to.


What is prototype packaging?

To put it in simple terms, prototype packaging means creating several mockups of potential packaging designs. It involves the creation of physical models that you can inspect, touch, and feel.

We have been serving in this industry for a long time now. Our experience has taught us that no two brands are the same. This is why we come up with different ideas and designs for each of our clients to meet their requirements.

As a leading prototyping packaging company, we provide different kinds of prototype options. This include:

  • Rigid packaging samples
  • Flexible pouch packaging
  • Production-grade test samples

Using prototype packaging can help a brand in many ways. Before jumping into large runs, it’s better to test the prototype sample. This helps you to determine whether you are happy with the packaging idea or not.


How prototypes packaging help brands?

Prototyping packaging is an important process in designing and creating packaging for new products. It provides you the ability to express your concepts and ideas in real terms. It is an important part of the commercialization process where items such as shape, colour, size, and form factors, are tested and reviewed. With the help of prototyping, brands can test and prove out various aspects of packaging. 

Only very few people can visualize an idea or understand the final concept. This is why prototyping is important. It provides a visual aid on the base of decisions and discussions.

We aim to help brands get the perfect packaging solutions for their products. We provide prototyping packaging services that help our clients to understand what they want and what is right for them.


Why are the benefits of using prototyping packaging?

Prototyping packaging brings in a lot of benefits for a brand. It helps them to test, review, and prove out different potential packaging designs, before arriving at their final decision. As a prototype packaging company, we assist them in the process from the start to the final product.

Once you have designed a new packaging, prototyping allows you to test it out in the real world. It acts as a sample that helps brands to know what the flaws are and what needs to be fixed in the final product. Prototyping packaging also helps make the manufacturing process easier and more efficient.

With the help of prototyping, you can bring your idea to life. It is not always possible for everyone to visualize or understand the concept. For such people, prototyping is the best solution. Once they see the result in front of them, they can decide better whether they want it or not.

The prototyping process allows people to see what exactly they are designing. they create the product in real-time to test and review it. It acts as a visual aid to them based on which discussions and decisions can be taken. With the help of prototyping, you can avoid any potential issues. This as a result will help you to save money and time. This is one of the main reasons why more brands are getting into prototyping.

Prototyping can also help you to test out unexpected problems like moisture conditions, transport, environmental issues, and temperature control. These are the problems you cannot foresee. But with the help of prototyping, you will at least know what to fix and what your errors are.

We help brands to design their prototype. We aim to provide the right packaging solutions to our clients. We not only assist them in the prototyping process but also provide them with creative ideas.

As a leading prototyping packaging company in the market, we aim to provide 100% satisfaction to our clients. We are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and tools that help us to create and offer the best to our clients.

We understand how important packaging is for a brand. This is why we make it a point to assist them right from the initial stages of production until the final product is made. We pay close attention to the requirements of our clients. This helps us to provide exactly what they want.

If you are looking for quality prototyping packaging services, then you can give us a call today. We are always ready and happy to help our clients. With our assistance, you can get the right packaging solution for your products and brand.

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