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Common Questions

How to Choose a Quality Fold Over Magnetic Flap Designer and Manufacturer?

If your product is dainty, sentimental, or of value, your packaging priority may be a good clasp or flap. In that case, you may be wondering how you can choose a quality fold over magnetic flap designer and manufacturer for your product. Fold over magnetic flap boxes are a sturdy, secure option. There are certain things you need to look for when you are deciding on a good designer and manufacturer of quality fold over magnetic flap packaging.

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Why Buy Fold Over Magnetic Flap Boxes

A fold over magnetic flap box is an aesthetic, sturdy, and secure packing solution. They are specially made to accommodate delicate items like jewelry and watches. They also make for great gifting options and are often used to pack gifts.

These boxes open from atop and have an extending flap that folds over to the bottom. This flap has a sealed-in, secure magnet. Another magnet is attached to a side of the box. When closed, both magnets meet to clasp the box shut. While opening and closing, the magnets may make a small clicking noise.

You will want to pay attention to the design of these boxes. Customers will often choose to store their luxurious items and dainty gifts in the boxes themselves. Hence, the packaging itself often becomes a part of the product. Read ahead on how to pick the best manufacturer and designers for a fold over magnetic flap box.


Understand Your Products’ Requirements

Quality designers of a fold over magnetic flap box will often ask you about the product that they are designed for. By understanding your product, they will be better able to design the right box. For instance, your products may be little dainty glass souvenirs. If the value is not too high, the designer may suggest a fold over magnetic flap box with some bubble wrap inside for protection.

In contrast, if you are selling a luxury watch or glasses, the fold over magnetic flap box may have to be cushioned with little velvet pillows or cloth. These needs will require special dimensions, and your designer should be able to help you with that.

The design for these boxes has to grab attention. Hence, ensure that your designer and manufacturer has worked with this design before. This gives them an intuitive eye to pick out the best designs for your box. For instance, a good designer will know how to differentiate between a classic product and an off-beat one and to recommend the corresponding packaging style.

You may also want to look out for additions like little ribbons. These boxes make design experimentation possible. The best way to ascertain this is by scanning the portfolio of your designer and manufacturer. Following this, you can compare and contrast to pick out the best option for your package.


Pick Suitable Materials for Your Product

In general, most designers will use a rigid box for making a fold over magnetic clasp. A rigid box is made of layers of compact cardboard with a great finish. This makes it appear very luxurious and will prompt the user to keep the packaging with the product. An excellent example is mobile phone packaging that comes with spare parts like earphones and chargers. A fold over magnetic flap box can aesthetically and conveniently accommodate all of these.

At times, these boxes may also be made using Kraft paperboard paper with 2 or 3 layers. These can be used to pack curated gifts and the like.

Further, you may want to pay attention to the art and ink on the box. Materials like cured ink will give you a glossier finish that reflects and grabs attention. Since the box primarily needs to be pleasing to the eye, it is best to pick designers and manufacturers who excel in art and design sensibilities.


Know What Fold Over Magnetic Flap Box Producers Expect

Before you decide on ordering your packages, it is best to ask for a price quote. A quality designer and manufacturer will give you a quote and break it up for you before you place the bulk order. It is also best to ask for a sample fold over magnetic flap box, so you get an idea of the real deal.

Compare and contrast market prices for your best buy. It should include a few considerations. The price will depend on the quantity you order and how your manufacturer categorizes it. Some manufacturers may offer the wholesale price only for an order of more than 1000 boxes. Orders of a lesser quantity may instead attract standard prices. Other manufacturers may have a single price quote per unit irrespective of quantity.

Further, the rigid material used for a good fold over magnetic flap box is more expensive than most paperboard materials. The magnets used will push the price up further. As a general rule, these packages are specially made for expensive products. The package simply becomes a part of the product's experience.

For the same reason, the designer fees for this product may be higher than for others. The key is to figure out whether your designer and manufacturer are transparent about these costs and the breakup. If they are, you can adjust requirements to match your best price.


Time Taken to Ship Packaging

Your fold over magnetic flap boxes may take longer than another typical packaging. Depending on the design and quantity, fourteen days may be the minimum time for manufacturing and shipping your packaging.

Further, fold over magnetic flap boxes, and their rigid packaging is mostly assembled by hand. For this reason, both the time required for manufacturing and the amount incurred by you increase.

You must now have an idea of how to choose a quality magnetic flap designer and manufacturer. Here, the design is king, and this is probably your topmost priority when buying this box. Take note of how costs are distributed while buying this packaging and choose the best design for your product.

With this, you should be equipped to pick out the best quality designer and manufacturer for your product’s fold over magnetic flap box packaging


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