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As quality custom box company, our goal is to understand your needs and manufacture custom boxes that are the perfect solution. Beyond that we have the industry experience and knowledge that will ensure you receive a quality final product that not only looks great, but offers superior protection to its contents.

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How To Choose A Quality Custom Box Designer And Manufacturer

What is the first thing anyone notices when they get a delivery? Or what is it that attracts us to pick a product off the shelf in a store? Even when shopping online, what grabs our attention right off the bat? The first thing customers notice about any product is the most obvious thing there is to see. The box it comes in. The packaging and overall presentation must be up to the mark. Every product must come with a box that is custom-made to deliver a message. Entrusting your brand identity to a designer and manufacturer requires thorough prior research and the ability to deliver a quality custom box specified to your needs.

More Information

So how can you determine the best designer and manufacturer for your custom boxes? No need to worry. We have compiled an exhaustive list of factors to help you pick the right custom box designers and manufacturers. Read on to know more about choosing a reliable and high-quality custom box designer and manufacturer.


Innovative Aesthetics for Logos and Graphics

When customers see your brand logo, they know exactly where their products are coming from. The best way to attract customers to your product is thus by advertising using the box. This means that your logo and graphic art should stand out when it is put on custom boxes.

That is why any graphic designer you choose should be able to bring out the best in your aesthetic choices. Your custom boxes will fall flat without an innovative edge.

Make sure you ideate with a designer before choosing. If they cannot meet your particular artistic expectations, then it’s a deal breaker!


Out-of-the-Box Custom Designs

Artistic requirements go hand in hand with creative structural designs. The designer and manufacturer you choose should be able to architect custom boxes that fit your needs.

If your custom box isn’t of the right structural build, it won’t be able to enhance the value of your product. Whereas, an out-of-the-box custom box is guaranteed to thrill your customers and make them look forward to the main product!


Good Communication and Customer Service

Being on the same wavelength is important for producing the perfect custom boxes. It goes without saying that these are not regular packaging boxes. To ensure that their uniqueness is captured, the communication has to be open and consistent.

A designer and manufacturer that does not provide adequate customer service won’t be able to cater to customization requirements.

That is why you should always go with a designer who understands exactly what you are looking for. After quality and innovation, this is the most important factor to consider.


A Suitable Portfolio

When it comes to creativity, an experienced designer and manufacturer may not always be the best. Although experienced manufacturers are a safe and trusted choice, custom boxes are a special case.

If you want your custom boxes to really stand out, make sure the designer’s portfolio is impressive. If their prior work is similar to your needs, then that is the right choice to make.

In fact, even an amateur designer and manufacturer can cater to your custom box needs. However, a proven track record should always be confirmed before you make a purchase.


Openness to New Ideas

With custom boxes, the process of ideation should be free-flowing and continuous. The designer and manufacturer shouldn’t be looking for a quick job when it comes to production. The quality of materials and even experience is only one part of the custom box manufacturing process.

If you can’t pitch new ideas to your designer, the custom box won’t ultimately satisfy your requirements. That is why you should always confirm that your designer and manufacturer are flexible to work with.


Implementation Plans

Once you have determined every other factor, make sure to check out the implementation plans of the manufacturer. Creativity and innovation are obviously indispensable, but both are irrelevant without proper implementation.

Lack of implementation can be a common issue with custom box production. It is not unlikely that in search of the best designs, the actual manufacturing process is overlooked.

If your designer and manufacturer don’t have a reliable plan, then you can’t count on them. Before finalizing your choice, ensure that the manufacturer can actually deliver on their designs.


High-Quality Raw Materials

The use of high-quality materials is something you can never overlook any packaging requirements. If your custom box isn’t made of the best materials, its aesthetics will make no difference.

The customer is always looking for durable and reliable packaging. The custom boxes you use should naturally reflect the trusty nature of your brand. In addition to creativity, ensure that your designer and manufacturer has the right materials available for production.


The Right Rates

After considering all your design and material needs, the price should also be right.

Any good designer and manufacturer should charge the right rate for your custom boxes. Good materials and novel designs will definitely not be cheap. However, a balanced and affordable price should be settled upon from both sides.

Even with the best custom boxes, an exorbitant fee is not worth the money. The right designer and manufacturers will be open to negotiation and work to accommodate your budget. If you are looking for bulk orders, make sure to ask if any concessions or discounts are available.

We cannot emphasize enough the importance of branding and brand identity when you’re putting yourself on the market. That’s because people do, in fact, judge the book by the cover.

Nothing tells a story better than packaging in custom-made boxes made with a unique finish. It is for this reason that your packaging can’t just be vibrant or catchy or colorful. It needs to stand out by making a statement. A statement that is true to your brand identity.

With these prerequisites in mind, you can find the right designer and manufacturer for your custom boxes. So why settle for less when we can show you how to do better!

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