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Our die cutting services ensure that your packaging is both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

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New York City Die Cutting Services Can Enhance Your Packaging Ideas

Die-cutting is a great technique to stand apart from the competitors and display that packaging has been made with a higher degree of quality and investment. If you are considering die cutting on your next project, then contact us today to discuss the pros and cons of using die cutting in your specific scenario.

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Common Questions

When To Use Die Cutting?

Die-cutting is a procedure involving cuts made in a mostly wide range of non-metallic materials and some thinner metallic elements. Die-cutting can either be traditional or conventional, utilizing a digital medium. The purpose of die cutting is to create a surface in which there are perceived layers of materials or a negative space that forms the shape of a logo or patterns. If you want to use die cutting in your next project, contact us today!

More Information

The variety that we find in various sectors like medical, textile, automotive, etc., is what represents their identity. If every industry had parts customized in the same shape and design, there would be no need for distinct sectors.

Die-cutting is a procedure involving cuts made in a mostly wide range of non-metallic elements and some thinner metallic elements.

Die-cutting can either be traditional or conventional, utilizing a digital medium. The choice depends on the most efficient way of realizing the needed custom cut.


Brief Die-Cutting facts

In simple words, you can envision die-cutting as cookie-cutting, where you use a shaped cutter to cut out the dough. The process can continue endlessly as long as you keep feeding the material to get cut.

  • Die cutters are of many shapes, from little hearts and circles to intricate designs like symmetrical and asymmetrical shapes.
  • Several materials go under the blades of the die cutter. A few of them are corrugated plastic, fiberglass, sponge, flexible magnets, foam, wood, cork, thinner soft metals, and more.
  • Die-cutting can wield multiple custom cuts incorporating techniques like kiss cutting, perforating, multi-layer laminations, sheeting, etc.
  • Die-cutting services get availed for multiple purposes and applications like making seals and mounts, masks, gaskets, insulators, shields, etc.
  • A few custom die-cutting solutions include Rotary die-cutting, steel rule die-cutting, Dieless knife, Precision die-cutting, etc.
  • The appropriate presses utilized in die-cutting play a vital role in creating consistent and accurate parts with apt tolerance rates.
  • Every part manufactured by the die cutter undergoes rigorous inspection and specifications to ensure the highest quality product.
  • The equipment that gets fabricated serves industries like communication, farm, sports, fashion, electronics, audio, office equipment, etc.
  • A prototype is usually manufactured first with the combined experience of the manufacturer in tune with your requirements and specifications.
  • The possibilities of die-cutting are endless, with every end product being fully functional according to your print interest.


When should you avail of die-cutting services?

Unless you are not in any noticeable requirement of a die-cut product, you will not need die-cutting services. However, you will not find yourself in such a situation.

Die-cutting services do not get merely employed in high-end industries with global manufacturing needs. They can certainly be used in everyday applications as well.

  • Stickers are a medium of intrigue and a pop of fun in life. They get manufactured by the kiss-cutting process of die-cutting. You can avail stickers in bulk if you are holding a promotional campaign for your company. Or you could custom make stickers if you deal with sales of stickers and other stationery.
  • Office collateral like pocket folders and plaques see regular attendance in die-cutting factories. There are numerous templates to choose from, so sticking to a standard is no more a standard. Explore the vagaries of professionalism by getting creative with your print ideas.
  • Enhance the visual aspect of your fashion boutique by custom designing bags, belts, door hangers, and tags for the apparel. Categorize your clothes in a funky manner by putting on custom tags of various shapes and designs. That’s right. The use of tags need not necessarily be just for pricing. Add customized tags with personalized messages on your favorite piece of clothing to advertise them to your customers.
  • Avail die-cutting services to furnish a custom job for your dream car. Spend on the interiors and design your floor mats, precision components like the consoles, door panels, and trunk liners.
  • If you are in the manufacturing field, then you probably would avail die-cutting services for the benefits they furnish. You get consistency in quality across every operation, availability of any design and shape, waste reduction, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Further, with die-cutting, you get flexibility and tailor-made orders from prototype to end production. Industry expertise and equipment allow for a faster turnaround and hence swift completion of custom orders.
  • If you have a big project on your hands and need a professional hand, die-cutting is at your rescue. The advanced CAD software enables a custom edge to all your collateral, from invitations, brochures, wall graphics, and more. Contour cutting adds a much-needed distinct outlook to your designs, enhancing its print aspect.

Customize your artwork, experience variety and hygiene with every product; avail all this and more within your budget!

Die-cutting offers vast opportunities to stand apart from the rest by creating a truly unique niche according to your needs. You can add diversity to every mundane object through the different processes involved in die-cutting.

With offset printing and digital printing die-cutting at your disposal, the question is, what can you dream up? Every design you seek is brought to life by merely availing die-cutting services.

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