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How to Choose a Quality Shoulder Boxes Designer and Manufacturer

Do you remember unwrapping the last expensive gift that you received? If you noticed, it probably came in a stylish and sleek little gift box. Usually, the boxes used for posh items like gifts, are known as shoulder boxes. When customers see shoulder boxes, they think of class. They also think of the consideration their loved ones put in when picking out such elegant presents. That is why your custom-made shoulder box has to be made with thoughtfulness to meet a high standard. These luxury boxes have a bottom base, sturdy sides, and a snug top that fits just right. As a result, they need to be built to perfection, with no exceptions. If you are interested in custom shoulder boxes, then contact us today!

More Information

How can you know where to get your shoulder boxes made? Here is a list of factors your shoulder box designer and manufacturer should be able to deliver on.


Experience with Luxury Packaging Items

While creativity is a requirement, nothing beats experience in the field. Luxury boxes are highly specialized packaging items. That is why an experienced designer and manufacturer must know the right techniques for their production.

Shoulder boxes are a nuanced genre of packaging boxes. While some are used to carry expensive watches, others are used for chocolates and others yet for earrings. So the right designer and manufacturer must be experienced enough to advise you on such specifics.

Knowing the market and the right designs for the market are part of the designer and manufacturer’s key responsibilities.


Attention to Details in Design

Ensure that the designer you pick is equipped to pay attention to minor details. Since shoulder boxes are used for smaller gifts, customers always get a closer look at them. Due to sentimental value and attachment to gift items, people examine shoulder boxes more closely.

When you receive some jewelry, you automatically notice the difference in the box from that of a shoe box. Thus the message your shoulder box packaging sends to your customers has to be carefully captured by the designer.

If possible, ask for the prototype to be presented beforehand.

Range of Customizable Designs

The right designer and manufacturer should be able to offer you a wide range of designs to pick from. Variety is important for attaining the right customizable combination.

You should look for customizable options available in the following categories.


A versatile array of sizes and shapes will be important for determining the right structure for your shoulder box. Without the right size, your product will be clumsily packaged and not appear poised.


When picking out colors, make sure they go with the product you are packaging. Colour can play a major role in how your brand identity is portrayed. Bright, vibrant colors portray energy and enthusiasm, while subtle tones display sophistication.

A good designer and manufacturer should allow you to pick from a board palette.  


The coating on your shoulder box is the finishing touch on the final packaging. You should be able to choose between matte finishes, metallic coatings, gloss coatings, soft-touch finishes, and so on.

Texturing can speak volumes about the tone you want to set for your product.

Add- Options

Additional options for add-ons can put some zing on your shoulder boxes. These may include bows, sequins, rhinestones, etc.

Ensure that your designer and manufacturer can provide such additions to make the best of your resources.

Logo options

The presentation of your logo on a luxury box should be done tastefully. Without the right graphic designer, your custom logo will not be able to reach its aesthetic peak. Thus, go over your graphic design plans and requirements before placing your shoulder box order.


Quality Control

It is a matter of fact that for great structure, endurance, and smart design, high-quality raw materials are required. So always ensure your designer and manufacturer use the right kind of materials for the job.


Manufacturing with Intricacy  

Intricate designs need to be implemented through manufacture. The quality of materials is not the only factor in manufacturing. The manufacturer you choose should know how to execute the delicate designs that shoulder boxes require.

Since these are not large packaging boxes, they cannot just be functional. The aesthetic details of the shoulder box should also be up to the mark.


Manufacturing for Endurance

When discussing specifics with a designer and manufacturer, ensure that they can build shoulder boxes that last. Gift items are often preserved by those who receive them as memorabilia. It goes without saying that the shoulder boxes they come in should definitely outlast the gifts.

That is why a manufacturer who promises durability is the right choice. No matter how small shoulder boxes seem, their structural integrity is of utmost importance for overall impression.


Good Communication

As mentioned previously, shoulder box designing is a serious craft. Shoulder boxes are popular among customers because they paint a picture and represent an emotion.

To understand the details of your brand, the designer and manufacturer must be open to free-flowing communication. Thus they should be able to promise your reliable customer services.


Suitable Shipment Options

If your designer and manufacturer cannot cater to your shipment needs, then their quality handiwork will be of no use. Ensure beforehand that your order of shoulder boxes can be delivered by the manufacturer.

Make sure they can provide the exact amount by the specified time.



Precise and high-quality work will require a decent amount of expenditure. Shoulder boxes don’t come cheap, and thus a cheaper manufacturer is likely to skimp out on quality control.

Be sure to assess the affordability of your shoulder boxes beforehand. They should come at a balanced price while meeting your expected standards.

Always ask for quotes from multiple manufacturers prior to making a purchase.

Shoulder boxes are luxury boxes for special occasions. When you package your products in them, you are trusting these boxes to make an impression. To really pull this off, the right designer and manufacturer must be able to deliver on your exact requirements.

Now you know what to look for in shoulder box designers and manufacturers. So make sure to check all the boxes on this list before you place that order!

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