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Common Questions

How to Choose a Quality Roll End Tuck Top Packaging Designer and Manufacturer?

For your product, you may want to choose a quality roll end tuck top packaging designer and manufacturer. When you pick this style of packaging, your priority may be to provide a great unboxing experience to your customers. The aesthetic components of roll end tuck top boxes can be highly detailed and specialized or just simple boxes with or without your branding. If you want to learn more, contact us today to discover how we can help with your roll end tuck top packaging needs.

More Information

While picking a good designer and manufacturer, it is best to look at the credentials of your designer in this particular area. Your designer may be great at regular boxes. This does not mean that they will be able to give you the best roll end tuck top design. Read ahead to know how to pick a great designer and manufacturer for your roll end tuck top packages.


A Roll End Tuck Top Package Supplier

The roll end tuck top package is actually a type of mailer box. It is an extremely convenient box where you simply roll the top end. You then tuck it into the top of the box. While this is an easy closing solution, the tucking also provides a double corrugated layer for extra protection. It also makes your box sturdy and adds extra strength.

For your customers, these boxes offer a great unboxing experience. If your product includes subscription boxes or other curated items, this a great option. For shipping needs, you may need a strip of strong adhesive tape just across the top.

These boxes are often light and use comparatively little material. They can also be reused and are environment-friendly solution.


Plans and Understands Product Requirements

For a designer to understand why a roll end tuck top package is best for you, they must have already worked with this design. If this is not possible, look for designers who specialize in roll end tuck tops, even if they are new to the market. This will ensure that they do extensive research and focus on your packaging.

For your roll end tuck top, you may want to pick the popular industry choices. This will often be available as a default choice with your designer. These boxes will usually be available in dimensions where the depth of the box will not be greater than the length. If the unboxing experience is important to you, look for a designer and manufacturer who will print both the inside and outside of the package.

This will add an oomph factor to your product as your customer unboxes it. Now you may want to consider what roll end tuck top box will fit your product the best. These boxes are great to pick flatter products with little depth like short tea boxes, books, and artwork. Your manufacturer should understand this and be able to provide solutions like bubble wrap inside for delicate products like glass.


Understands Your Material Needs

While looking to choose a quality designer and manufacturer for your roll end tuck top box, the material is very important. Try and pick a manufacturer who works will multiple materials for this style. This will let you weigh your best options.

It can also account for any dynamic changes in your business. For instance, for delivery within your city, you may have chosen a Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK) paperboard material that gives an artsy feel and is eco-friendly. If your business expands, you may now have to ship your product across the state or country. In this case, you want to be sure that your manufacturer can switch to corrugated or rigid boxes easily.

This will also save you the extra effort of having to look for new manufacturers. Further, your manufacturer should be able to judge which packaging material will suit your product. For instance, it is not a good idea to pack frozen food in Kraft paper that is not moisture resistant.

An experienced designer and manufacturer will instantly know this and offer you better solutions based on other clients they have served. A good way to assess this is by looking at the versatility of their portfolio. The more versatile, the better.


Offer Value for Your Money

You may want to begin by choosing a designer and manufacturer who offers you a sample product irrespective of the design. A manufacturer who does this already understands that the options they provide should be of great quality and cost-effective.

It is also a good idea for you to compare the quotes given by various designers and manufacturers. Most will give you instant quotes before you pick your design. In general, they will let you know that default roll end tuck top designs are cheaper than customized designs.

They will also ensure that you know that wholesale prices are different from standard prices. In general, you will have to order about 1000 boxes to be able to buy at the wholesale price. Some manufacturers may offer the wholesale price for any number you order. If you are operating at a small scale or just starting out, you may want to look out for this option.

Further, printing on boxes in monochrome or color will attract prices. Designer prices are added to the package. Ask your designer to give you a break up of these for the roll end tuck top box you are ordering. You can compare this to others in the market for the best price quote.


Time Taken for Your Roll End Tuck Top

If you are looking for artisanal packaging on your roll end tuck top box like cut-outs, it may take longer than the conventional time for the packaging to arrive. Enquire about the capacity of your manufacturer, especially if they offer to deliver it to you before a week's period. This will let you pre-judge the quality of any super quick production order.

That being said, most designers will take between a week and two or more to deliver your packages. For smaller standard orders, it may take lesser time. For customized orders, it may take much longer. Use this information and discuss it with the designer and manufacturer before you order. This will let you compare time and price quotes.

If you want a quality roll end tuck top package designer and manufacturer, your priority is mostly the unboxing experience. In this case, you want to look at manufacturers who have great aesthetics and are known for their design sensibility.

Do compare and contrast price and time quotes and the versatility of your designer and manufacturer. Try out a sample box once to see the product and experience the ease of opening and closing. This will let you pick the best designer for your roll end tuck top package needs.

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