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What to Look for in a Shipping Boxes Designer and Manufacturer

Whether it’s a big move to a new house or storing old odds and ends in the supply room. Shipping boxes can be found everywhere! They are used far and wide for simple and reliable storage, organization, and transport of items. Whatever the usage, you need to be able to count on your shipping boxes to keep the merchandise safe. Since they are used for routine bulk shipments, it’s easy to overlook the level of quality they should meet. If you are interested in custom or bulk shipping boxes, then contact us today!

More Information

Your valuable products should only be kept in the best boxes. To secure yourself against losses, the quality of the shipping boxes is of paramount importance. As a result, you need the right shipping box designers and manufacturers.

To find a quality designer and manufacturer, follow this checklist before placing your order. Here are a few factors to look out for. 


Go for Established Names

Shipping boxes don’t require out-of-the-box innovation. Thus, you can trust older names in the line of packaging to give you high-quality shipping boxes.

Experience and acclaim will guarantee their quality of work and proven customer service. This is an important aspect of any transaction.

In any case, always take a look at previous projects and ensure they have a good track record. If you are not convinced by their portfolio, don’t settle for less!


Quality Materials to Ensure Protection

The purpose of your shipping boxes will determine how high-quality they need to be. Accordingly, the designer and manufacturer should be able to meet your requirements.

Firstly, determine what they will be carrying. For heavier products, you will naturally need hardier materials. Additionally, for fragile products as well, maximum protection is necessary.

Secondly, determine how they will be used.

Storage and Organization

For long-term storage and organization purposes, shipment boxes should have longevity. They should be able to protect against damp, mold, vermin, and so on.


For long and arduous transport, shipping boxes must be resilient to tampering and motion.

If your shipping boxes are being sent directly to customers, they must be able to deliver goods without falling apart because no one wants to get a damaged box when they’ve paid the full price for the product inside! 


Sturdy Design

Just because shipping boxes aren’t highly specialized doesn't mean they don't require thoughtful design.  Shipping boxes have to be highly endurable and sturdy to protect all the products.

The right designer should be able to tell you how your boxes are architected to ensure high levels of security. Know the details of the structural design before making your purchase.


Sizing options

Shipping boxes usually come with larger capacities than other packaging items. However, since every product and company is unique, you need to look for the right size for your shipping needs.

Without the right measurements, your product could suffer during transportation or storage. Not to mention, you will be paying for extra space you don’t need. Or you are losing out on time and resources because your shipping boxes can’t package all your product.

If a designer and manufacturer do not have the right size options for you, avoid working with them.


Custom Shapes

Custom shapes for shipping boxes aren’t necessarily an aesthetic requirement. Instead, customized shapes are meant to ensure that your products fit in perfectly. Without the right fitting, you won’t be able to make accurate, safe, and adequate shipments.

That’s why the right shipping box designers and manufacturers should be able to give you multiple measurements to choose from.


Add-On Requirements

Most vendors provide shipping boxes in bulk orders. The classic brown moving box design is often the only one available as far as shape, size, and color go. However, in case you have more specific requirements for your shipping boxes, look for a designer to cater to them.

You may be delivering bigger items like electronics, bulk orders of products, home appliances, and such. Although these must be packaged in shipping boxes, their overall look should definitely be attractive. In order to preserve brand identity for your bigger deliveries, ensure you have the right designer and manufacturer!



Price Point

The price point is important to consider for shipping boxes. They are not luxury packaging items, and thus shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Additionally, they can be made with high-quality materials and still come cheap. Thus, the designer and manufacturer should be able to accommodate their price as per your budget.

Ensure that the unit price is reasonably low, and ask for discounts in case you are ordering in bulk.

Always get quotes from multiple vendors before choosing the right one for your needs.


Speedy Delivery

Delays in delivery of shipping boxes can hold up your own product deliveries. No customer will consider the quality or customization of your shipping boxes if the delivery is late. That is why, for something as essential as shipping boxes, timely delivery is an essential requirement.


Shipment Options

The designer and manufacturer should be able to give you as many or as few shipping boxes as you need. Their minimum order quantities should be low, in case you only need a few boxes. To pay for extra boxes for high minimum orders is a waste of your resources.

In case you are ordering shipping boxes in bulk, ensure that the designer and manufacturer can deliver promptly. Each box should also be able to meet the highest quality irrespective of how many you order.

Shipping boxes are a necessity for every business these days. Not only do you need them to transport goods to and from production sites, but you also need them for deliveries. In the era of virtual shopping, deliveries are being made in every part of the world, sometimes even overseas!

That is why, to keep up with the demands of the market, your shipping boxes can’t just be functional. Instead, they need to meet the high standards of your company, your product, and your clientele.

So looking for the right shipping box designers and manufacturers is not as easy as it looks. But, with this comprehensive list, nothing can stop you from finding the best ones for the job! 

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