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Depending upon the target market and packaging needs, sometimes biodegradable packaging is the best long-term option. We can create highly-specialized biodegradable boxes and containers that are customized to your needs. Contact us today for a quote or more information!

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Common Questions

Why Use Biodegradable Packaging?

Pollution is constantly increasing on a global level and many businesses and organizations are opting for packaging that is biodegradable. This is a move away from plastic that has been traditionally used in packaging. If you would like to explore our biodegradable options, then contact us today, and we can share our insights regarding your next packaging project!

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Why Buy Biodegradable Packaging?

Pollution is at a constant increase. It is not only harming the natural flora and fauna but also humans at large. But why use biodegradable packaging? It's simple that biodegradable items reduce harmful effects to nature, making the Earth a healthier place to live in!

Anything that can break down over time such that it mixes with the soil can be called biodegradable. Most of the cloth materials, organic waste, paper, etc. easily fall into this category. Almost all the things usually degrade over time. Are you wondering what does not come under the biodegradable tag? Plastic and its numerous forms.

Wait, the market has got some biodegradable plastic too, right? Yes, and no. According to government standards, the biodegradable plastic can be degraded, but only under specified circumstances.

Your packaging can degrade if it goes to industrial composters. That is not all, even after 6-12 months, the plastic will be broken into smaller pieces but not completely. So which packaging is biodegradable? Let us find out.


What is Biodegradable Packaging?

Was the coffee cup that you purchased this morning 100% biodegradable? Well, if it was made of cardboard or paper, yes. Maximum types of cardboard and paper are degradable without any extra process. If not so, 80% of all paper is recyclable. Sounds relieving, doesn't it?

Multiple companies have considered this problem and brought forth sustainable packaging solutions for you. Despite the recyclable alternatives, a large section of the market prefers to use industrial compostable packaging. Although this packaging may not be your best option, it is still a good one. However, getting such packing is in itself a challenge.


How Can You Use Biodegradable Packaging?

Biodegradable plastic or bioplasts are usually made of biomass such as corn, starch, sugarcane, etc. Although it can be degradable if kept in the industrial compost, its still plastic. Moreover, your job is not done just after obtaining this packaging.

For a plastic to be termed as bioplastic, it should meet the standards set by Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) in U.S. or TUV if you're in Europe. These institutes run several tests to check if your plastic can be degraded within 6-12 months.

Biodegradable packaging options can be challenging.

  • You must make sure that your package is resistant to water, as well as wear and tear. Most of the sustainable options do not provide that safety.
  • If you opt to get a bioplastic, getting your package tested for approval may take 18-24 months. If you introduce your package without certification, you might get into a lot of trouble.
  • Choosing recyclable plastic may not be a good choice for you. FDA strictly prohibits recyclable plastic to be used for food packaging.
  • Even if you go for a more sustainable option of choosing recyclable paper over plastic, it is not easy. The paper you choose must be FSC certified, non-acidic, must not have toxic ink/dye, etc.


Biodegradable Packaging - An advantage or a disadvantage?

There are uncountable benefits of using sustainable packaging options. From a great reduction in waste to a safer environment, going eco-friendly can never go wrong. After all, what’s better than a healthy life! However, there may be a few downsides to using the bioplast.

Biodegradable plastic: Although it breaks down to a great extent, your biodegradable package might still leave minute pollutants harming, especially marine life. Furthermore, gases such as methane and carbon dioxide that are emitted during the process are greenhouse gases. This can add to the greenhouse effect causing weather change.

Costly affair: When it comes to biodegradable packaging certification, multiple tests need to be run. These tests ascertain whether your packaging meets the requirements of industrial compost or not. Not only the product packet, but you need to make sure that all the inks to be used on the pack are also tested for industrial compostability.

Is biodegradable packaging a bad idea? That completely depends on your choice of packaging. You may opt for easily degradable alternatives such as paper mailing bags, cardboard boxes, starch-based loose-fill, and more. If not so, try to go for a recyclable option.

Recycling keeps the hydro-carbon molecule integrated, making it still useful to produce energy. On the other hand, industrial compostable packaging is broken down in such a way that breaks this molecule, emitting carbon dioxide. Are you confused?

The current market size of biodegradable packaging is USD 3855.3 million, which is bound to increase over time. Although this industrial compostable packaging is not downright degradable, its still better than the normal plastic packaging.

You must know your options and weigh them well before choosing the right biodegradable packaging!

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