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Common Questions

How to Choose a Quality Mailer Box Designer and Manufacturer?

If you are planning on packaging your product using a mailer box, you may want to ensure that your designer and manufacturer are good at their job. In the current competitive online marketplace, your product's packaging will help set it apart. With sturdy mailer boxes, your product will make quite an impact -- and this is exactly what we can deliver!

More Information

What is a Mailer Box

A mailer box is a sturdy and elegant packaging solution that is designed to keep your products safe. By picking a mailer box as your packaging option, you will eliminate the need for any extra adhesive like tape. Hence, it is a hassle-free option both for you and your customers.

The box comes with flaps and wings that interlock and have layered double sidewalls. This makes it a durable and reusable option that your customers will be prompted to buy. Read ahead to know what to expect from a good mailer box designer and manufacturer.

Before looking for mailer boxes for sale - understands your requirements

Your packaging choice will depend directly on the product you are selling. It will also depend on the kind of audience you are catering to. While picking your mailer box, a quality designer will consider this to deliver just the right box for you.

Your designer should know that different mailer boxes serve different purposes. Options include corrugated mailers, which you can opt for if your products are small and if you have multiple products. Easy fold mailers sit comfortably around books and artwork and are a great choice if your products include these.

If your product is all about the experience it provides consumers, you may want to choose a front lock mailer box. These are designed such that your customer can have a great unboxing experience. If you are looking to save space on transport, you may want to opt for mailer envelopes, which are lighter and low profile.

You may want to pick bubble-wrap lined bubble mailers for glass products or printed glamor mailers for your fashion products.

When you pick your designer, make sure that they understand these product needs and can deliver your specified design. They should ideally have been knowledge and stock of these designs.  While picking a manufacturer, it is best to approach those who have experience in producing your chosen design. This will save both costs and effort on your part.

Know What Materials to Consider

When you look for a quality designer and manufacturer for your mailer boxes, you want to ensure that they have the right materials for your product. Try and make sure that your designer has worked with the material of your choice before.

Now, for your mailer box, various materials are suitable. If your packaging is only an external accessory, you may want to pick Solid Bleached Sulfate (SBS) paperboard material. This will let you easily pack products like cosmetics in your mailer box.

If your brand identity and story must resonate, your manufacturer should have packaging available in Coated Unbleached Kraft (CUK) paperboard material. You should ideally go for this if you want eco-friendly choices for your product. However, note that Kraft paperboard holds on to moisture, and you may not be able to use it for products like frozen food.

For this, corrugated cardboard boxes with three layers and a liner should be appropriate. Whatever your choice of material for the mailer box, make sure that your manufacturer can work with it. Scan through their portfolio and ask for sample boxes if possible. This should give you a clear idea of the quality of their products.

Value for Your Money

A quality designer and manufacturer for your mailer box will ensure that the money you spend on packaging will give you boxes of superior quality. This will also mean that your boxes will be reusable.

Look for designers who give you a quote for your mailer boxes even before you finalize the design. By comparing this quote with their portfolio designs, you can ascertain whether they fit your budget. Some manufacturers have online calculators that let you estimate the exact price for your mailer box. There are a couple of things you should take note of while you pick a quality manufacturer.

  • In most cases, a good manufacturer will apply wholesale prices only if you order more than 1000 units. Below that, standard prices will apply.
  • The manufacturer will let you know that default box dimensions are a cheaper option. If you customize the dimensions of your box, manufacturing costs are likely to be much higher.
  • Monochrome boxes will cost you less than colored boxes.

Try to keep these in mind when you assess the quote given by your manufacturer. Also, note that the included designer fees are given to you upfront. A great designer will not quote an extremely low price. Once you compare this across designers, it is best to choose a designer and manufacturer whose price follows the above standard conventions.

Adhering to Time Conventions

Most quality designers and manufacturers will take a good amount of time to produce boxes in their default style. For a wholesale order of more than a 1000 boxes, production may take more than a week. Customized mailer boxes with prints may take even longer.

A good manufacturer will let you know this before accepting your order. If the quote for the time is shorter, prices may increase. If the time and price are low, you may want to cross-check to see if the quality will be affected. As a general rule, a quality wholesale order should take anywhere between a week and a fortnight to complete.

Further, make sure to pick a mailer box designer and manufacturer who communicates well. During the production process, small variations in color and size may occur. A good designer and manufacturer will intimate you of this.

With multiple packaging solutions available, a quality mailer box designer and manufacturer will know their mailer box well. They will be able to give you multiple options within the mailer box model to suit your products' needs.

For cheaper options, look for manufacturers who have default sizing in various materials. Even if you know what you want, it is a good idea to pick a mailer box designer who has worked with diverse materials. They will be able to offer you superior options.

Most importantly, pick a designer and manufacturer who communicates honestly. This will reflect very well in your packaging


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