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Clear foil prints offer high reflectivity at first glance and this helps to capture a person's attention. This feature makes clear foil printing ideal to incorporate in health and beauty products, food and beverages, and advertising materials when appropriate. If you are interested in using clear foil on your next project, then contact us today!

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Common Questions

When To Use Clear Foil Printing?

Clear foil printing is a much-needed solution to print on almost all types of surfaces, including matte and uncoated paper stock. If you are considering clear foil on your next project, then contact us today, and we can share with you the pros and cons of using it on the project you have in mind!

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In the fast-paced schedule of today, it is increasingly challenging to capture anyone’s attention at a moment’s notice. Making this task effortlessly possible are specialty print techniques that create a visual impact you cannot miss.

A plethora of tangible products used in combination is creating waves in the printing industry. Among the top-tier are innovations that take versatile advantage of physical print over digital print. Headlining the creative era in the print industry is clear foil printing.


What is clear foil printing?

Have you ever heard of UV coating embellishments on collateral? It could be business cards, or wedding invitations, or calendars looking sleek due to a shiny coating. Or the letters and words stand out in contrast to the background colors and writing.

UV coating is a popular coating technique that generates a decorative appeal, is affordable and versatile. Spot UV is a derivative technique of UV coating where the procedure applies only in specific spots.

In contrast to these printing techniques, Clear foil printing gets generally coveted for the highlight aspect it furnishes. In addition to being a stylish alternative to the UV techniques, it is a stand-alone in delivering sharp definition.


When should you buy clear foil for a printing project?

Clear foil printing is a much-needed solution to print on almost all types of surfaces, including matte and uncoated paper stock. With the other methods of printing, you can utilize the facilities on selected few expanses.

  • Clear foil prints furnish high reflectivity at first glance, capturing attention. This feature makes clear foil printing ideal to incorporate in health and beauty products, food and beverages, and other consumables.
  • Business cards are witnessing a rise in simplicity in combination with contrast to obtain highlighted effects. Clear foil printing supplies impeccable finish to the piece, such that it requires no additional imagery.
  • Clear foil printing furnishes several options for customization, with the foil being matte, gloss, iridescent. Further, it is eco-friendly and similar in effect to spot UV.
  • The impact that clear foil prints bring to any product or object allows swift vision pleasure enough to get the product off the shelves.
  • Applying the appropriate clear foil print plays a crucial role in improving brand image to the point of it getting attention.
  • The procedure for clear foil printing is economical in the sense that the tooling involved gets used for future operations. You will not have to remake the setup from scratch that saves on additional costs.
  • Clear foil prints are available in demanding variants that churn out striking visuals on collateral. While the matte and gloss finishes get consistently utilized, Holotrans foil is a comparatively glossier reflective foil. The effect it produces enables the design or text to stand out from the surface.


Benefits of clear foil printing

No matter what your desire to advertise is, clear foil printing makes it happen with style and striking appearance.

  • It is a cost-effective alternative to many specialty printing techniques.
  • Clear foil printing spoils you for choice by offering a collection of variants and styles.
  • The foiling die can be used over and over again without worrying about additional setup costs.
  • Although possessing high gloss and reflective traits, clear foil prints furnish unmatched clarity through contrast.
  • The finishing is of top-notch quality and is comparatively less brittle over prolonged use.
  • Clear foil prints get printed on surfaces that are uncoated but slightly textured, unlike UV coating.
  • Clear foil printing is eco-friendly as it has fewer VOCs and is fully recyclable.
  • Clear foil printing, when processed in tandem with embossing techniques, produces stand-out content and designs with gloss emboss.
  • Clear foil prints can be customized to create eye-catching stickers and personalized stationery.
  • The finished products are chemical and moisture resistant.
  • Clear foil printing that employs the dry process does not require the use of liquid inks for printing.
  • Choose from a wide range of metallic tones and colors.
  • The photogenic resolution obtained in clear foil printing is of superior quality.
  • A few featured products are visiting cards, face masks, apparel, banners and window stickers, mugs, photo albums, etc.


The world of print spells glamour in every innovation or product that it churns out. No matter how glitzy the end-product may be, it finds a conducive atmosphere in the short attention span of the millennials.

Creativity can reach new heights with a balance of simplicity that clear foil prints supply. Ensure to decide a suitable foil color and design style, since it is the vital factor in determining your brand success.

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