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New York City 3D Rendering Services Can Enhance Your Packaging Ideas

The term "3D rendering" might sound really complex, but it is quickly becoming a cost-saving component in packaging design. In short, it's the process of using computer graphics software to create 3D renderings of what a product will look like once in a box or package.

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Common Questions

Why Use 3D Rendering for
Packaging Design?

Do you want your product packaging to stand out among others on e-commerce platforms? 3D rendering is downright the perfect method for you to design your packaging. Not only does it give an edge to your product, but 3D images can also create an engaging experience for your customers. Moreover, you can have an exact idea of what your final packaging looks like before actually implementing it. If you would like to learn more about our 3D rendering services, then contact us today!

More Information

What is 3D rendering?

It is a way of giving visual life to your imagination using 3D software. 3D rendering helps you project your designs and ideas in the form of a 3D image. Several artists use various computer software to create a 3D model before getting it printed on the packaging.

While creating the 3D design, you can perfect the features that you need in your packaging, such as lighting, color, etc. 3D rendering helps you make a flawless virtual model of your final output. By looking at the realistic graphics generated by the computer, you can instantly spot any improvement needed for your design.


3D Rendering Process—How is it Done?

You don’t need to be highly skilled in actually designing your first item. The availability of multiple software on the Internet has made the process of 3D rendering a no-sweat job.

  • Product type: Knowing your product and planning its design is undoubtedly the first step to your 3D design.
  • Software: From vector diagrams to colored models, from lighting to comparison and final design - 3D software programs will guide your every step.
  • Packaging style: Identifying the correct package type for your product - various boxes, bottles, packet, or more.
  • Dieline: From shape and measurements to trimming and folding - Dieline represents everything in the form of a diagram.
  • Prepare the prototype: A base 3D model without any color or designs.
  • Designing: Introduce the magic of labeling, colors, features, material, and texture.
  • Finishing touch: Adding real-world lighting and shadows.
  • Mockup: Printing and assembling for checking and comparison.
  • Final product: Printing, folding, and final delivery.


Examples of 3D rendering

Being both economical and convenient, 3D rendering is widely used in several industries. It covers environment renders to moving models and 360-degree animations to monumental structures. 3D rendering gives a final picture to your designs way before manufacturing has even started. Here are some professional fields that use 3D rendering.

  • Product Packaging
  • Garments Design
  • Architectural Models
  • Video Games
  • Medical Supplies


Why Use 3D Rendering?

Highly Customizable: The first impression is the last impression! When customers see your product packaging, they must see it in its best form. With 3D rendering, you can customize the design to stand out among others.

Testing and Approval: With the help of 3D rendering, you can easily work on the feedback you receive from clients. Your design can be updated quickly and will not incur high costs even after multiple checks.

Pre-launch Marketing: Waiting for your manufacture to send you a prototype for marketing? 3D rendering removes the gap between a mere concept and the final product. If you opt for 3D rendering, you can use your packaging visuals without waiting for the actual product.

Last-minute Changes: What if you spot a problem in your packaging right before the launch? Going through the entire process of designing and approval again will be highly time-consuming. With 3D rendering, all the flaws can be perfected at the designing stage itself.

Diverse Market: With numerous competitors in the market, innovation is your product’s best friend. 3D rendering can easily help you edit your existing design to launch a seasonal campaign.

E-commerce: To have an edge over other products, your product must instantly grab a viewer’s attention. With the help of 3D rendering, your product image can be of top-notch quality.

Crisp and Clear: Packaging design needs to be presented over several platforms during product promotions. Irrespective of the size, the pixels of your 3D-rendered image will not get hampered.


Although it might sound like a high-end technical process, 3D rendering is a fairly easy process. It is a pretty cheap alternative to costly, time-taking traditional packaging designs. Designing with the help of 3D rendering gives a clear outlook to everyone involved in the production. The benefits of 3D rendering can not only be enjoyed by designers and developers but also manufacturers.

Designing your packaging by 3D rendering can help you keep your competitors at bay. You can easily compare and redefine your packaging to prevent any last-minute problems and delays. So, what’s the hold? Go ahead and design your very own package!

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