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Product packaging is the science, art, and technology of protecting or containing products for retail, sale, and distribution. If you need product packaging that makes your brand stand out, while being highly functional, then contact us today for a quote!

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Product packaging is the science, skill, and art of protecting and packaging products for retail, sale, distribution, and even use. It also refers to the procedure of designing, developing, testing, and making packages for products. Most packaging materials are made of either paper, plastic or even wood, but some materials are designed specifically to package physical products. Paper is typically a popular packaging product because it is less expensive and easier to manufacture. Plastic is also a popular packaging product because it is light weight and easily recyclable.

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Packaging solutions near me for products manufacturers

When it comes to packaging, there are basically two major considerations: functionality and branding.

These two forms are categorized according to the product they contain and the procedures used for packaging them. There are many categories of packaging and all have their own functions. For example, containers used for shipping are categorized according to what is contained inside and what type of transportation is involved. Other packaging categories include packing boxes, paper packaging, plastic packaging, bubble wrapping, corrugated cardboard, and thermal tape.


What materials does an NYC product box manufacturer typically use?

Paper packaging materials are best suited to packaging physical products like food products, beverages, diapers, medicines, snacks, cosmetics, detergents, toys, and clothing. It is relatively inexpensive, and reusable, but it may not be suitable for packaging electronic products. Electronic products include cell phones, mp3 players, video games, CD/DVD-ROMs, DVDs, CD/DVD-RW, MP3 players, gaming consoles, LCD screens, etc. Some electronic products require special packaging due to the nature of the product and are categorized as electronic goods or electronic components.


The cheapest solution if you need packaging for your products just to ship them

The second type of packaging used for packaging is a standard shipping box filled with a form of bubble wrapping. This is another common packaging product, which consists of several layers of bubble wrap that is covered with a transparent plastic covering. This type of packaging is good for wrapping fragile products and provides protection from damage.

In order to create bubble wrap, several thin sheets of a very thick plastic are rolled together. Then they are covered with a clear plastic covering that allows the individual sheets to separate at a later date without revealing the plastic. This provides an air-tight seal that prevents moisture from getting inside.

Bubble wrap is a popular packaging product because it is inexpensive, easy to produce, and re-usable. This is a popular option used in grocery stores, warehouses, hospitals, schools, and other places where large amounts of products must be packaged. in bulk. This product is also known as wrapping paper because it can be purchased in rolls and reused repeatedly if there are no special uses for it.

This packaging product is ideal for packing any type of products. It has many uses and is considered an economical solution for product packaging. Bubble wrap, therefore, is one of the best solutions used in the world for packaging products and other items.

What to Look for When Choosing A Packaging Designer and Manufacturer?

There must have been a time when you purchased something just because it had cool packaging. Packaging used to be as simple as a box containing a product and a label telling you what the product is... But now, the packaging has a huge role in the demand for the product. But if you’re out there selling a product of your own, the million-dollar question is, what properties of the packaging make it appealing enough for the customers to feel that wow-factor and make the purchase?


What Is Product Packaging?

Packaging is the art, design and even engineering used to enclose or secure goods for shipment, storage, display, and then even for repeated use by the end customer. Packaging usually means the process where product containers are planned, evaluated, and then produced. Some degree of packaging design and production is incorporated into nearly all governmental, commercial, and private usage in most countries.


The Importance of Quality Packaging Production

First experiences are extremely important, and product packaging is the first connection of the item to a customer. The packaging of goods is a consideration that product-oriented companies simply cannot ignore. The value of item packaging is multi-layered and has an impact upon ensuring a positive first impression as well as a customer creating lifelong loyalty to the company. Here are some considerations regarding the importance of packaging:


Quality Product Packaging Solutions Safeguard a Product

Product packaging helps to secure the item within, and packaging should keep a product safe while at the production facility as well as during shipping.


Packaging for Products Display and Brand the Products

Another practical feature of product packaging is the way an item is advertised and presented. Displaying relevant product specifications assists in balancing consumer preferences and fosters customer loyalty. The more the purchaser knows what exactly they are buying, the more probably they will be pleased with the transaction.


Attractive and Creative Product Packaging Attracts Customers

Considering the significance of product packaging, it is important to consider the buyer's interests and necessities. The external packaging being used is a representation of the product within and of the entire company. The goal of quality custom packaging is to catch a potential customer's attention and inspire them to purchase the products.


Factors To Consider When Choosing A Packaging Designer

Product packaging plays an important role in efficient and profitable activities in the food processing industry, pharmaceutical industry, toys and entertainment, and many other commercial industries. It is important to consider the following factors when choosing a packaging for your product. If these factors will be ignored, the packaging of your product will neither safeguard your product nor will it draw a potential customer's attention:



Regardless of how attractive or creative the colors and layout, the packaging of a product is reliable only when it safeguards the item from harm during transportation. It is critical to ensure that you invest in excellent quality packaging components which keep products safe until they meet the final buyer or delivery center. It may cost you much more afterward to replace the broken products than the cost of investing in a reliable packaging.


Reasonable And Simple To Manage

The more complicated the packaging, the higher the chances are it might be annoying to customers. Customers are not too supportive of extremely difficult packages that are difficult to open without using knives or scissors or other tools.


A Professional Graphic Designer

A professional graphic designer is extremely important for your product packaging. Getting the correct packaging design could make the distinction between collecting dust from your item or drifting it away from your shelf. They can guide you and make your packaging look extremely attractive with not even making it complex.


Eco-friendly Materials

When you are looking at the factors to consider for your product, make sure to use eco-friendly materials that do not harm the environment. If you will take care of this, the customers will be more attracted to you and your product will be in high demand in the market.


Branding Needs

Sometimes an item is often presented individual of a company's branding, while in other situations, it represents a developed brand that is used across all product lines. Unless the packaging has to be a specific brand style, then you need to use the specific colors, fonts, and the logo that is associated with your brand so that the packaging of the product would be an entire representation of a certain brand.


Protection From All Harmful Elements

Packaging might need to be extremely robust or provide a strong level of safety from vibrations during travel, moisture, heat or cold, as well as other components that may harm the item. Each of these factors implies that packaging quality is just as critical as the product's quality.


In the context of these factors when looking for product packaging solutions, we believe that Proof7 has the team, equipment and experience needed to help you achieve your product packaging goals. Contact us today for a quote!

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