Proof7 brings years of experience in the inimitable environment of NYC to the masses with a company that provides unmatched services and the highest quality products and production.

Success in the printing industry has led to relationships with clients ranging from international modeling agencies, leading design firms, corporations, real estate firms, galleries, fashion houses, creative agencies to NYC based artists and designers.

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Our Primary Services


Digital Printing

Our digital printers are run with inks allowing the highest digital quality possible. Digital is ideal for small runs, customization, and tight budgets. With this technique, every print can be different because printing plates are not required, unlike traditional methods. Digital printing is environmentally friendly, less chemicals and paper are wasted in this process.


Offset Printing

There are two worlds of printing: Offset and Digital. Proof7 offers both. Offset printing is commonly considered traditional printing (large presses, prepress). It is a printing technique where the inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface.

Offset printing offers consistent high image quality by producing sharp and clean images and type. Offset printing is ideal for large run commercial work ranging from fine art catalogs to huge runs of Broadway mailers.



When it comes to custom packaging, we have a significant amount of experience serving a broad range of industries and niches. We specialize in the creation of unique, customized bags and boxes, and we can offer a creative packaging solution for pretty much anything you can imagine.

Contact us today to discover how we can help with your next project.

Packaging Solutions


Experience provided us with a keen understanding of the boundaries of print and how by carefully working within these boundaries incredible books can be built. Turning the fiscally and logistically impossible to a reality is the best way to describe our Custom Publishing division.

We work first hand with clients from conception, to design, to production to create stunning pieces. Let us build your vision!

Book Publishing
The Tools We Work With


We pride ourselves in using the best machinery, equipment, and industry solutions.


3 - Rampage Ripping System v 10.5

3 - Creo Trendsetter

1 - Screen Plate Rite 8000 II Platesetter

2 - Fuji Luxel Final Proof 5600
32′′x21′′ Digital Halftone Proofer

4 - HP DesignJet 1050c Plus
36′′ Large Format Inkjet Digital Blueprint Proofer

2 - Epson Stylus Pro 10600

2 - 9880 44′′ Large Format Proofer

1- Epson 4750 Color Scanner

Web Offset

1 - Harris M-100
17.75×26.5′′ 6-color hear set w/ Inline Finishing

1 - KBA 213
22.75′′x38′′ 4-color hear set w/ coater and Inline Folding

1 - Miracle 3500 Web
22.74′′x38′′ 4-color cold set w/ Roll Strands, Inline Folding and Double-Web Capabilities

1 - Diddle ML Webs
17′′ 5-color cold set web, 24′′ cutoff and running perf 17′′ 4-color cold set web, 22′′ cutoff

Sheetfed Offset

4 - Heidelberg GTO
20′′ 5-Color presses

1 - Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52
20′′ 5-Color with Coater

1 - Heidelberg Speedmaster SM 52
20′′ 6-Color 4/2 Perfector with Coater

1 - Heidelberg MO
25′′ 5-Color with Coater

1 - Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 74
29′′ - Color with Coater, up to 34-point board

1 - Heidelberg Speedmaster XL 105
41′′ 5-Color with Coater (29′′x41′′)

1 - KBA Rapida 105
41′′ 8- Color 4/4 Perfector with Coater (29′′x41′′) Capability of up to 30-point board

Digital Printing

1 - HP Indigo Press 5500

1 - Kodak Nex Press 53000

with UV Varnish, near-line Finishing with photo imaging

1 - Kodak Nex Press 2500
wih UV Varnish, near-line Finishing

1 - HP Dye Ink Designjet 5500

60′′ 2400 dpi x2400 dpi

1 - Kodak DigiMAster EX150 black/white printer
60′′ 2400 dpi x2400 dpi

1 - Roland Soljet Inkjet
54′′ 1440 dpi x 1440 dpi, with kiss-cut capabilities

1 - Variable Data (personalization) with Fusion Pro

1 - JETi 3150 UV Curable Flatbed Inkjet Printer
5′ x 10′ directly on and substrate up to 2 inches thick

Bindery & Finishing

4 - Saddle Stitchers
Capabilities from one to eight pockets plus cover feeders with two-deep attachments

2 - Duplo 5000 booklet-maker
20-Station, 80-page saddle-stitcher with face trim and side-stitch capabilties

16 - Folders
Capabilities from 4 to 8 plates; gate-folding

6 - Mini Folder
Capabilities of folding down to 7/8′′

8 - Cutters
Capabilities up to 53′′

4 - Kluge and Letterpress Die-Cutting
Automatic and hand-fed capabilities up to 40′′

1 - Silk-Screening and UV Coating
Capabilities up to 53′′

Embossing & Foil Stamping

1 - Film Lamination
Capabilities up to 23′′ x 35′′ sheet, gloss, and dull

1 - Hand Perfect Binding

1 - Automatic shrink-wrapping & plastic banding

1 - Spot fugitive gluing; Drilling

Note: Any size sheet up to 40′′x50′′

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