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Common Questions

How to Choose a Quality Half Slotted Container Designer and Manufacturer?

If you are looking for a consistent way to protect your products without sacrificing style, then you may want to choose a quality designer and manufacturer who can give you the best result for a half-slotted container. A half slotted container will keep your packaging sturdy and is an aesthetic option for your design needs.

More Information

What is a Half Slotted Container

A half slotted container is similar to your basic full slotted container but has only one set of flaps. This means that the top of the box will have opening flaps while the bottom is pre-sealed. This makes for a strong, closed box that prevents any spillage from either end.

It is an extremely versatile packing solution and makes for a great shipping option for a variety of products. In general, the half slotted container is used as a storage and transportation option. Some even use it as a disposable bin. It can be reused and can be made of recycled materials.

For aesthetic needs, sturdier half slotted boxes come with an additional design tray. Using this, these boxes can be covered. In smaller sizes, you can use them for food, electronic appliances, or even cosmetics. The options are endless.

Understanding What Your Product Needs

When you pick an ideal designer and manufacturer for your half slotted container, it is a good idea to make sure that they understand your needs. It’s always an advantage to buy from a designer who has previously worked with half slotted boxes.

With such experience, they can instinctively tell you how to package your product. They will also inform you of any design sensibilities that fit your product best. For instance, your product may require both the inside and outside of the half slotted box to be printed and designed for a superior unboxing experience.

Alternatively, your half-slotted box may carry curated products. In any case, pick a manufacturer who has worked with diverse styles. The best way to do this is to ask for the portfolio of the manufacturer’s previous work.

Half slotted containers are also great for aesthetic products that need a top view. In this case, look for a designer and manufacturer who will also provide transparent plastic design trays. This can cover the top but simultaneously give your customers a look at the product.

Know The Materials to Consider when Choosing to Buy Half Slotted Containers

When you choose a designer and manufacturer for your half slotted container, make sure that they work with multiple packaging materials. If they do, they will be able to better recommend the best options for your product. Further, they will be able to accommodate any expansion of your business by bringing you newer designs with novel materials.

For a half slotted box, corrugated paperboard is the most popular material. Since half slotted boxes have versatile functions, they are also ideal for rough use. Hence, you may want to stick to the default corrugated box. However, if you want to upgrade the box, the material of the design tray is something to pay attention to.

You can opt for paperboard or plastic if your manufacturer provides it. Further, for great packaging, you may also want to decide whether you like a glossy or matte finish. Matte materials will give you a shine-free look. On the other hand, in glossy finishes, ink is cured to add shine. These are basics, and every good quality designer and manufacturer should have this option.

You may also want to look for well-finished plain cardboard options for an eco-friendly finish. Do check if the materials can be recycled. This will be necessary for any product that claims to be environmentally conscious. You want to ensure your manufacturer has these options.

Provides Great Value for Your Money

Get a sample box for your design. It cannot be emphasized enough. Your manufacturer should willingly offer to give you a sample box. This suggests that they respect their clients and their resources. Such gestures also mean that they care about the design.

You will also want to ask them for the difference between their standard price and wholesale price. Many manufacturers will produce at the wholesale price only for orders above 1000 units. Others may offer the same for any quantity. Record this and compare and contrast between manufacturers to arrive at your best buy.

While you buy the product, know that the following factors will be included in the quoted price.

  • The dimensions of the box will affect the price. Larger dimensions attract a higher price. Further, custom dimensions that are not part of the manufacturer's default sizes will be relatively pricier.
  • The material and finish will add to the quote. Eco-friendly materials and boxes with finishing will generally be more expensive.
  • Additionally, any custom art will attract substantial designer fees.
  • Finally, the quantity you buy will add to the quote.

Many designers will offer you online calculators that estimate the likely price quote. Even if this option is absent, a quality half slotted container designer and manufacturer will give you a quote reflective of the above four. Through this, you can compare and contrast and make the best purchase.

Time Required for Manufacturing Packages

Most manufacturers require anywhere between a week or two to produce and ship your half slotted containers. For intricate artwork designs, it may take longer. Some manufacturers may promise faster delivery.

When this happens, make sure that you understand the plant capacity of the manufacturer. Ensure that the time and capacity add up and that the quality of your packaging doesn’t suffer.

Half slotted containers are great packaging options that are versatile, sturdy, and trendy. When looking for a quality designer and manufacturer of half slotted boxes, you want to be mindful of the material and design options they have. Corresponding to this is the price.

Use these parameters to judge various designers and manufacturers. Take your time and compare and contrast between all. Ask for their portfolio, and pay attention to any word of mouth reviews.


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