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Common Questions

How to Choose a Quality Telescope Type Box Designer and Manufacturer

The use of telescope type boxes has become more popular in recent times. No matter what type of goods you are selling,  telescope boxes for packaging and shipping can be an attractive option due to their durability and professional appeal. If you are considering telescope style product boxes, then contact us today and contact us with any questions you might have.

More Information

What Is A Telescope Type Box?

These boxes are typically used for transportation and shipping purposes. It is one of the most classic carton design. These boxes have flaps which join on the sides or end panels. The box is divided into two parts, a bottom and a top. The bottom portion is used to store desirable items. Whereas the top is larger and used to secure the box. A shoe box is a perfect example of a telescope type box.


Types Of Telescope Type Box

Telescope type boxes come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. These can accommodate all types of items without causing any damage while shipping.

  • Full Telescope Box: It is also known as a two-piece tray. The box is composed of two pieces. The top is slightly larger than the bottom so that it covers the box sufficiently.


  • Design Style With Cover: It is a form of partial telescope type box. It has a simple slotted tray with a lid on top.


  • Double Cover Box: It has a four-sided strip that forms a tube-like structure to be used as the bottom.


  • Full Telescope Half Slotted: Very similar to full telescope type boxes, but the halves have a slotted top or bottom.


  • Interlocking Double Cover Box- It is a variation of the double cover box and has interlocking flaps on both the cover and the bottom. The box may be additionally banded for added safety.


Considerations While Choosing A Quality Telescope Type Box Designer And Manufacturer

Choosing the right telescope box designer and manufacturer is like finding a needle in a haystack. You need to look into many aspects of their functioning to make a decision. To make the task easier, we have laid down a few considerations for choosing the perfect one.


Demonstrates Innovation

Innovation is the key when it comes to any kind of product. The designers and manufacturers you choose should showcase evolution and innovation. An innovatively designed telescope box is not only useful but eliminates any problems. Packaging your product in innovative boxes is what will give your customers an advantage.

A designer and manufacturer who possess innovation can adapt to any production environment. Therefore in this everchanging and dynamic business world, you require such manufacturers. Innovation does not only revolve around a unique appeal but having an uncomplicated approach. The scope of innovation in telescope type boxes is also higher due to their variety of sizes and types.


Positive Records

Nothing speaks more than the previous reviews and records of a professional. Quality telescope type boxes are very important for smooth operation. Hence, look for professionals who have a positive record. This will give you quality assurance. Refrain from choosing designers and manufacturers who have a negative response.

Look for reviews concerning their operations, quality, and delivery. If these aspects are reviewed positively, the chances of any mishaps will be minimal. You can check the designer's website for client testimony to find out about them.


Compliant With Industry Standards

You do not want to take any risks with poor quality telescope boxes. A low-quality product will have a huge impact on the flow of operation. The first step to choosing a designer would be determining the standards of materials used by them.

The materials and services they provide should be at par and should be worthy of the cost. Designers and manufacturers should always strive to improve quality. Moreover, the quality of the box they produce should be worthy of the price. You must compare the standards of all potential options before making a choice.


Ease Of Communication

Without effective communication, both you and the manufacturer while have a tough time. Communication is a vital point if you want to obtain satisfactory results. The designer and manufacture should have the ability to establish clear and transparent communication.

The designers should be open and direct. If possible, look for designers and producers in your vicinity. This will further eradicate any communication barriers. Since telescope type box comes with numerous variations, always convey with clarity.

 You will benefit greatly from designers and manufacturers that are easy to communicate with. Any changes from the manufacturer's part should be immediately reported to you. Similarly, if they need clarification over something, they should ask for it. 


Wide variety of choices

An array of choices in the type of boxes will help you choose the correct one. If the designer and manufacture come with limited choices, it becomes difficult to make a decision. A wide variety of choices also indicate the versatility in the work of the manufacturer.

 A product like a telescope box should come in a variety of sizes, materials, and designs to provide utility. A proficient designer and manufacturer should be well acquainted with box type, structure, and style. You should choose a designer who maintains the variety and will give you an effective recommendation for your requirements.

It is a challenging task to choose a good designer and manufacturer immediately. A good manufacturer and designer are valuable assets for your business. With some early communication, you will be able to qualify a good designer by considering all the aforementioned factors.

Do not merely judge their performance based on samples and pictures. Take a step further and look for a designer and manufacturer who can duly fulfill all your requirements.  Look for traits like responsibility, accountability, and expertise in the designer and manufacturer.


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